Things to Remember When You Buy from Online Bookstores

You love books but you prefer buying online because it saves time and energy. Online bookstores are famous here in Singapore but it is recommended that you look for a trusted store. Looking for an online bookstore is challenging especially that there are myriads of them here in Singapore but if you know how to shop, the store will not matter.


Shopping for online books is like shopping for your garments, accessories and gadgets. Here are some tips that you need to remember when you buy from online bookstores:

  • Take the shipping costs into account: It is true that online shopping can save you time and energy but you must know that you will pay additional costs. The shipping cost is not that much but it is important that you take that into account. If you look for cheaper shipping costs, you have to hop from one bookstore to another. The good news is that there are other stores that offer free shipping while there are others that offer different kinds of deals.
  • Read customer reviews: You have to read customer reviews as well. Sometimes you get too excited that you forget to read customer reviews. If you want to make sure about your purchase, you have to read customer reviews. If you read reviews, you will get ideas about the books and the seller.


  • Identify third-party sellers: You have to identify if you are purchasing from third-party sellers or directly from the seller. There is nothing wrong if you consider third-party sellers but sometimes, these individuals are not so honest. The best thing to do is read the ratings.
  • Check condition: Before placing your order, it is important that you check the condition of the used or new books. If you like the book because it is super cheap, it should give you a red flag. However, if the markings or the books without cover do not bother you, you should pursue it.
  • Read return policy: You have to read return policy and make sure that you can contact customer support just in case you are not satisfied with your order. If you received the wrong book, you need to contact the customer support.
  • Store in your wish list: If you cannot afford the book, you can just put it in your wish list.

Hopefully the tips mentioned above will save you a lot of frustration in finding the right book you really want. If you cannot find the book that you are looking for online, it is better that you search for it physically. You will be awed because there are a lot of bookstores here in Singapore.


Say Hello to the Sporty You!

Whoever said that being athletic or sporty is only limited to those who were gifted or born with it? It’s not as if being sporty entails being a professional at it. So why not do something new and develop your athletic side? Be bold and learn a new sport or simply enhance the one that you’ve already started before.


Still not convinced this feat is not worth your time or your effort? Well, take a look at these sports and why they can be a good addition to your current hobbies.


This sport is one which doesn’t cause too much strain on the body. It’s important to note this because some of us might have medical conditions that forbid us from entering any strenuous sport. Hence taking up swimming is something that’s just within our league. It’s also an essential life-saving skill. Thus, you owe it to yourself to learn this basic skill. Of course we don’t hope to be in any water-related danger, but in case we ever find ourselves in one it’s absolutely beneficial if we know how to swim in order to save ourselves or even others.



You’ve got every reason to pursue this sport. Why? For one, it is simply a good workout. It burns extra calories to get rid of those unwanted love handles. It also lowers your risks of osteoporosis and heart disease as your bones, muscles and heart will receive the regular exercise it needs to stay in tip-top shape. And it keeps your mind sharp as you think of ways to win a match. It’s also a good sport to practice your social skills as you meet new people in the court


This doesn’t need any introduction at all. Everyone knows this sport. In fact, it’s embedded in our very nature to know how to run. But don’t underestimate this simple sport because it provides us with many health benefits. It’s a good cardio workout so it lowers our risk of heart disease. It’s also ideal for maintaining proper bone and muscle strength. It keeps us trim and it’s also a good stress-buster. Running is ideal for anyone and you don’t need to pay for any lessons to learn this sport.


A Guide in Venturing River Safari

Before you even explore the wild through your trip in River Safari, make sure to have a short research on what to expect here so that you can have a full experience of everything that is offered here. Moreover, you can also prepare yourself on what to bring, what to wear, how to behave or who to be with. To help you on these, here is a sneak peak on what to expect in River Safari.


River Safari is the first ever river themed wildlife park in Asia. Since you will have a boat ride throughout your adventure, make sure that you wear attire appropriately. Here, you will learn about the history and have a ride along the Mississippi River, Congo River, River Nile, Gangers River, Murray River, Mekong River and Yangtze River.


Prepare yourself in witnessing wildlife as you go along the river. In the Amazon River Quest dwell several animals like the Brazilian tapirs, jaguars, giant ant eaters and more. There is also a portion of the river where the squirrel monkey forest can be found. Squirrel monkeys are types of monkeys which are found in the Amazon near bodies of water. This kind of scenario is depicted in this portion of the river.

Get out of the water and see River Safari’s aquarium which is the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. Creatures like giant river otter, piranha, arapaima and more types of fishes can be witnessed here. Do not miss the cute pandas before leaving River Safari.


What to Expect in Orchard Central Singapore

When you are in Singapore and you want to go shopping, include the Orchard Central as one of the places you will go to because aside from shopping, there are plenty of activities one can do in this mall. Orchard Central is Singapore’s tallest vertical mall having 12 floors and two basement floors, 12 glass elevators and a specialized escalator which takes customers from the street to the 4th floor of the building.


Orchard Central opened in 2009. From then until now this mall has served its customers services related to fashion, lifestyle, food and beverages, medical, pampering, home, gadgets and more services. When it comes to fashion, Orchard Central boasts their European style shopping, thus they have a lot of boutiques which are all managed by Europeans or caters European designs. Svolme, Nautica, Lady Xiang and Desigual are some shops here.

Aside from these European shops, Orchard Central also houses independent designers’ shop. These shops provide unique fashion pieces. Indie designers also provide a fair alternative to buyers and customers. Active lifestyle like gyms and places for working out are also available here in Orchard Central. Wakeboarding and wall climbing can all be done here. This mall is home to the tallest indoor climb through the Ferrata wall.


Yoga and Flight Simulations are also here. To satisfy your cravings and make your tummy happy, Orchard Central has different restaurants from first class to very affordable ones. If you are a fan of tonkatsu, Tonkichi Restaurant is just n the corner of Orchard Central, and it is always open to serve you kurobuta pork, hire katsu, yakubari and cheese kasane katsu.

If you are a lover of teas and chocolates, on the other hand, visit Jewel Artisan is the place for you. Indulge on hot chocolate and rich chocolate cakes in this restaurant. Just go around the mall and restaurant serving first-class tasting dishes are there. Orchard Central also responds to the need for total well being of its cutomers. In the mall are different spa and wellness centres, a roof garden and  medical centres.



Facts Every Foreigner Needs to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign country that is situated in Southeast Asia. This country is near the equator making the place covered with extreme heat during summer. Singapore is a country with 60 islands; however, a lot of islands here are not inhabited.


Since Singapore is a wealthy country and one of the bosses in the world in terms of business. There are a lot of beautiful spots that can be seen in the country.  Singapore has a population of 6 million people and is quickly growing but as seen, it is not a big country and in fact, it is known as one of the smallest countries in the planet.

In just 50 years, Singapore makes a huge turn from being a poor island to an economically stable state. This is with the help of different countries that see the potential of the country in terms of business. Today, there are a lot of business establishments situated in the country and growing; their medical centers are modernized and also their museums and different landmarks are given more importance.

Singaporeans are known to speak English. In fact, English is widely used in the country; however, Singapore has four official vernaculars which are Mandarin, Tamil Malay and English as well. Since Singaporeans have Chinese bloods, they have the habit of putting of adding “la” to every English word they say (e.g. okay-la).

Well, if you talk about clean cities, Singapore is one. Do you know that they have a very strict law when it comes to cleanliness? Laws like gum-eating in public and spitting is certainly unlawful in Singapore. That is why Singapore is also known for City of Garden.