10 Best Video Games with Multiple Protagonists

Why stick to one lead character in a video game when you can get more out of the story by experiencing it through different points of view? Here are ten of the best games with more than one lead characters.

Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, specifically in Los Santos, this installment from one of the best game series lets players cycle through three different protagonists. Players can switch among the characters during the main quests and get to know Trevor Philips, Michael De Santa, and Franklin Clinton.

God of War (2018)

This soft reboot of the Greek mythology-inspired series sees Kratos return with a son, Atreus, in Midgard. As Kratos and Atreus journey on a quest to deliver the to the highest peak in the nine realms, they meet various creatures, new friends, and some mysterious, powerful pursuers.

The Last of Us (2013)

In this post-apocalyptic world, there is one objective for Joel: to deliver Ellie safely in return for a weapons cache. Most of the time, the players control Joel and try to survive the horrors by improvisation, combat, solving puzzles, and scavenging for items.

Heavy Rain (2010)

This interactive drama game allows the player to control four different characters who are connected by the mystery of the Origami Killer. The ending of each gameplay is determined by the actions of the characters Ethan mars, Norman Jayden, Madison Paige, and Scott Shelby.

NieR:Automata (2017)

Set against a backdrop of a war between humans and invaders from another world. The players control YoRHa No. 2 Model B and 9S, androids who specialize in fighting. The war is complicated by the emerging human-like emotions exhibited by the machines.

The Walking Dead (2012)

This graphic adventure game is set in the same world of the comics from which it is based. The players control Lee Everett and Clementine, an unlikely pair of a former professor turned criminal and a young girl.

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (2004)

Samanosuke Akechi finds himself taking on the role of Jacques Blanc. Samanosuke was about to be defeated by Oda Nobunaga, but a portal opened showing him a man fighting an army of Genma. Samanosuke helped Jacques fight off the horde, but the French officer was teleported to Japan.

A Way Out (2018)

What makes this game unique is that it has to be played by two players, because cooperation is needed to control both Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti. The characters are convicted criminals trying to leave prison.


Set in Victorian London, the players get to control two assassins for the first time in the series. Jacob and Evie Frye and has all the familiar elements of the series that the fans love. However, the twins have a difficult task ahead of them as the Templars control the city.

Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

Four survivors must try to fight off zombies until they can reach a safe zone. The players can control the characters Coach, Ellis, Rochelle, and Nick.