Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

In Singapore, many jewellery pieces are bought by people just for the sake of fashion or just to be worn occasionally, but not for jewelleries like the wedding ring and engagement ring which is worn more frequently. These types of rings have so meanings why one has to wear them always. To learn more, read the information below that has something to do with these fine jewelleries.


Giving of the Rings

When a man gives an engagement ring to a woman, it means that he is asking her to marry him. The man promises a lifetime union and to remain true, loyal and devoted to the woman he loves. A proposal ring is worn by soon-to-be brides. On the other hand, the wedding bands from Singapore signifies the actual union of the couple under the sacrament of marriage and is worn by the man and woman. Both of the rings have the same meaning which is love and affection.

Styles of the Rings

Wedding bands and engagement rings come in variety of styles. In Singapore, there are so many antique jewellers who can offer you antique wedding rings if you are looking for vintage inspired rings. For those who want a modern wedding ring, this type can be found in most jewellery shops, department stores, online websites, or even in pawnshops.

Wedding Bands and engagement rings are made of various materials such as yellow gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. Diamonds are the most popular centrepiece for a proposal ring while they are less likely seen on wedding bands since the trend for wedding bands are the classic style.


Buying the Rings

When buying the rings, decide whether you are going to buy them together or separately. If you choose to get all the rings together in one store, the jeweller might give you big discounts and will be able for you to save a lot. Also, by buying the engagement ring and wedding rings together, you’ll be able to match all the rings accordingly and get a view of the overall final look of the rings as a complete match.

Making the Rings More Special

Another way to make the wedding ring more special is to add a personal touch to it. You can choose matching rings and ask the jeweller to engrave short passages on the inside part of the rings to make it more unique. The engraved texts will serve as a constant reminder of the love and devotion the couple have for each other.

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