Filming Techniques that You Can Use For A Wedding

If wedding videography is your passion, you are highly encouraged to be better in your chosen field. Do not underestimate wedding videography because like others, it is challenging too. It is a challenge putting all the happiness and bliss in a tape which can be watched for an hour or two.

Aside from being a good videographer, you also need to be a good cameraman and editor since these roles need to be fuse in order to create a good result. If you are good at wedding videography, you can earn a lot of money from your talents. If you’re still an amateur, you might still have to learn a lot, but with your passion you will do so in just a short time. Of course, there are many film schools around Singapore that you can go to.


If you want to know the best film schools here in Singapore, you should ask other people for recommendation. Formally studying film-making is an excellent start you’re really passionate about films and cinematography. If you are simply learning this art for fun, you should still know the basic techniques, which you will need to create quality videos:

1. Use a stabilizing tool. It is important that you have a steady camera so you can get quality wedding videography. Obviously, this will be hard if you only have your hands, so it’s best to use tools like tripods. If you do not have one, make sure to place your camera in a flat surface or limit your hand movements.

Never forget about your batteries and tapes. If you are scheduled for a wedding shoot that a bride has hired you for wedding videography singapore do not forget about the batteries and tapes. Make sure that the batteries are all fully charged. You do not want to run out of tapes so you should also secure tapes.

2. Mind the sun. It is always advisable to mind the sun. Do not shoot with your client’s back on the sun because it can affect the lighting. The best time to shoot is during sunset or sunrise.

3. Set White Balance. There are cameras that detect and use White Balance automatically while there are others that you need to set manually. Regardless of your camera, make sure to set the White Balance so you can achieve a quality video.


4. Secure the mic. Microphones are essential because a good video entails a good audio. You should always be mindful of the microphone and make sure it is near the subject for the sound is discernible. Wedding videography is better with a microphone.

5. Don’t overshoot. It is natural for amateurs to overshoot but avoid it as much as possible.
6. Don’t zoom in when you need close-ups. When you need to zoom in, you should walk directly to the place and not rely on the zoom in feature. You know that zooming can affect the quality of the shots, right? Wedding videography will turn out better.

Filming or shooting is a good experience whether it is for pleasure or profit. If you follow techniques mentioned above, you can make a better video. There are other techniques and basic things that you should know. You can ask a mentor or you can simply go to school if you are serious about it.

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