Fresh Smoothies to Make your Day

Are you in a hurry to get to work because you have tons to do in the office and worse it is Monday for goodness’ sake? Well, rev up your morning with these babies. Once you start with these ones, you will even forget it’s even time to have lunch. Everyone loves smoothies, right?

smoothies 2

So, let us drink or sip our way to a healthy breakfast. The first two are my favorites. I hope they will also turn out to be yours too. So here we go. Strawberries and yogurt is a match made in heaven. You will know why I said so, after you have tasted the strawberry smoothie that we are going to prepare today.

So what are we still waiting for, let us pick the freshest strawberries in our local supermarket and let us not forget some low-fat yogurt and we are good to go. Well, we may also want to buy some juicy oranges along the way. First and foremost, let’s wash our ripe strawberries. Next, let’s cut them into halves. Next, let’s throw those strawberries into our good old blender.

Let’s not forget to squeeze those juicy oranges plus add a spoonful of brown sugar (which is healthier than the white one by the way). This is to sweeten our mixture which may already be sweet for others. So, I’ll just let you decide how much sugar you will need for thus smoothie because it totally depends on your taste.


Pour the yogurt. Blend it until it turns out like a puree. Now, let us pour the smoothie into a bottle with a cap or a glass (if you prefer a glass then don’t forget to wrap it with plastic so as not to contaminate with other things while you are chilling it in the fridge).

Let the smoothie sit in the fridge for a while. Check it after 5-10 minutes. Feel the bottle or glass if it’s cold enough. (This depends on how cold we’d like our smoothie to be). Actually, you might want to sip it without chilling it. It’ll still tastes great.

I just prefer the chilled one because it tastes even better. Here’s another one of my favorites: Blueberry Smoothie. If you have not tasted a blueberry smoothie, I tell you, you have missed half of your life already and that is even an understatement of it. Yes, it is so good; you will momentarily forget all your worries in life especially if it is served chilled.

Get yourself some juicy blueberries. Cut all of them like what you have done to the strawberries. Throw them too into some good old blender. Add the yogurt. Squeeze some juicy oranges as well. Blend it until it becomes a puree. Let some droplets of vanilla extract drizzle your smoothie. Then enjoy it after it is chilled.



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