How to Dress to Cover Extra Weight for Males

Just because you are slightly bigger than most men, it does not mean you can’t dress to impress. While your clothes will not magically make you slimmer, you can avoid over-emphasizing your big belly with a few simple tricks.

Here are tips on how to look great even with extra weight.

Stop wearing baggy clothes

They do not hide your weight. All those extra bulges and wrinkles on your clothes achieve in the opposite. Baggy clothes make you appear larger and draw more attention to your belly and arms. Pick clothes that are not tight fitting or hanging. They are more comfortable but will not make you look fatter because they rest lightly only on your body.

Do not pick heavy clothes

Avoid heavy fabrics that will make you look even bigger. Thick fabrics will also make you sweat more, and you would not want to be labeled as big and sweaty by your co-workers.  Smooth and light fabrics look clean and create lines and drapes that are perfect for hiding those extra fat.

Look for clothes that frame the top

This means that it will make the top neat and self-contained. For a big belly, sports coats, suits, and blazers will look flattering. Avoid sweaters, sweatshirts, loose T-shirts, baggy shorts, and loose tank tops as much as possible. If you think about it, baggy and loose clothes do not look good on anyone no matter the body type.

Stick to minimal details

Pick clothes that have minimal details like patterns, colors, and embellishments. The simpler, the better. You will look larger if you drape yourself with accessories that clash with equally flashy clothes. Solid colored clothes also make you look slimmer.

Look for spread collars

Broad collars look great on big men. This helps create an illusion of a smaller face because it broadens your collar area.

Invest in tailored clothes

Sometimes the trouble with being plus size is that you cannot find clothes that will fit you. If this is an issue especially with clothes you wear to work, you need to find a good tailor. It does not have to be expensive. Just take your clothes and have adjustments made to them. It will make a world of difference on your appearance.

Wear suspenders instead of a belt

A belt can emphasize a large belly even if you try to hide it with good fitting top and trousers. Switch to suspenders. Not only will they keep the trousers secure, but they look slick too.

Pick dark colors

Dark colors look flattering on large people. Plus, they are stylish too and can be combined with another color. Make sure you have a variety of gray, charcoal, navy, and black clothes for versatility.