How to Help Our Children Deal with Thunder  

There are times that we encounter moderate to heavy thundery showers here in Singapore. Moderate thundery showers is fine, we can easily get through it especially if we are in the solace of our homes. However, there are other Singaporeans who suffer a lot with the mere sound or sight of thunder. Most of these are children.


As parents, we want to take away the fear of our children with thunder so they can get through the night alone. In this light, we have to seek for ways to help our children deal with thunder if we do not want them to grow in constant fear every time there is rain with thunder. If we do not do something about it, our children will grow anxiously.

Fortunately, we can do something before it is too late. Here are some tips that we can consider:

  • Acknowledge the fear: It is crucial that we acknowledge child’s fear of thunder. Instead of just telling our child not to be scared, it is crucial that we understand him/her. If we acknowledge his/her fear, it is also another way of saying he/she should not be embarrassed or upset about it. For example, we can cuddle our child and tell him/her that we are scared too but it’ll go away soon for sure.
  • Distract the child: When there’s thunder, children are most frightened because of other noises like dog barking. The best thing that we can do is drown out the noise and create pleasant noises. We can do this by playing the child’s favorite song or watch TV together. We can also play a musical instrument. The point here is to distract the child.


  • Give good memories: This is the perfect time that we use our imagination and give good memories so when our child grows up, he/she can associate thunder with a good memory and just linger with it not avoid it. We can for instance do entertaining things when there’s thunder.
  • Give the child time: We already laid everything but at the end of the day, our child will resolve his/her feelings – in time. We should know better to let our child handle and outgrow his/her own fear. We should not hasten the process because it can create unresolved issues.
  • Plan: Good thing we can rely on the weather channel to tell us if thunder is upon us. If there’s thunder, we can plan in advance. We can for instance schedule a play date so our child will not notice it. We should also employ the help of other people around us.


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