How to Improve Your Charisma

Charisma is a person’s ability to draw and influence others around him/her. A charismatic person appears confident in communication while keeping humble and selfless. Here, then, are some ways for you to develop your charisma. Who knows, you might be the next prime minister of Singapore.

Pay full attention
Having incredible charisma doesn’t always mean you always have to do the talking. It all starts when you listen attentively and pay full attention to others who are speaking to you. This is a good start because paying attention to what others are saying sends a message that you are present in that conversation and not just showing off.

Practice eye contact
Constantly shifting your gaze and not looking others in the eye simply shows that you’re nervous or uninterested. Maintaining eye contact is crucial in communicating your confidence and charisma. One way to practice holding eye contact is to simply talk and look at yourself in the mirror. This may seem awkward but it serves as good practice. When your speaking to someone, you can also try to focus on the color of their eyes as practice.

Use body language
Body language can help a good speaker but also betray a bad one. If you have a voice that’s loud and clear but your stiff and move your body in a reserved way, you might confuse others and end up becoming boring. A charismatic person will use body language to effectively emphasize the message and influence how the listeners feel.

Tell stories
Stories, if timed right and used effectively, can be utilized to attract attention and stir emotion. When you tell a story, you’re giving the people something that they will typically be able to relate to. If you have a story that fits the occasion perfectly, go ahead and share it. Just remember to not go overboard and hog all the attention. Also, make sure it’s not a made-up story, this will do you more harm than good.

Stay positive
Obviously, other people want to stay around those who are entertaining and easy to be around. Additionally, staying positive keeps you in a good mood even at trying times. Others will notice this easily and will turn to you for positivity. Simply remembering to smile is a great way to start. Smiling makes you look kind and more approachable.

Learn from others
You already have your own opinions, perspectives, your own knowledge. And those will not teach you much anymore because you already know them. But there will always be people who know something that you don’t. Accordingly, be open to others’ opinions and perspectives. You’ll be able to learn a lot by simply being open-minded and not staying on a pedestal above everybody else.