Luxury Gym in Singapore  


Fitness is important here in Singapore. This is the reason why many fitness clubs mushroomed over the years. In almost every corner, we will see fitness clubs – some are exclusive, some are not. The membership will depend but many people here prefer exclusive fitness clubs.


The new entrant is the Gravity Club which is still under construction by the way but has made a lot of noises. The operator is Fitness First. The club will boast of invite-only membership. This means that only 999 members will be given invitation to experience it.

Here’s a peek of the anticipated Gravity Club:

  • Budget: The club has a budget of $9.5 million. The building is nestled in a 17,000 square foot area. Singapore was selected as the testing ground for this kind of concept knowing that it is a wealthy financial hub.


  • Amenities and services: The area will be open from six in the morning to eleven in the evening. There are personal trainers, nutrition programs, alternative therapies and customized vitamin supplements. It does not end there because the gym developed mobile application for members so they can track the progress of their health and schedule appointments.
  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, the fitness club is exclusive for 999 individuals only. The one-time joining cost is S$3,000 plus a monthly fee of S$600.

The fitness club can help executive meet their fitness goals. Executives are very busy every day that they do not think about their health. They have to remember that a balanced lifestyle is vital for optimum performance.


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