Pre-Schoolers in SG Participate in JOE

This year, the North East Community Development Council launched an environmental activity called JOE (Just One Earth). This activity seeks to educate over 1,200 pre-schoolers to be aware of their environment and hopes to give children basic knowledge about their surroundings. The activity involves games which aim to introduce the three R- reduce, reuse and recycle. At a young age, children will appreciate nature and how it is significant in our survival.


But of course the learning begins in the house. Parents should do their best to inspire their kids to care for the environment especially now that it is slowly dwindling. Here are some things that you can consider to help your kids understand their environment:

Set an example. Everything you teach your children will not matter if you are not practicing it. It is crucial that you set an example-a good example. If you teach your kid about the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), you should practice this waste management by heart.

Read to them. You should look for books that are easy to comprehend and read it to your kids. It is good if you introduce your kids to some issues so they will understand and appreciate the environment more.

Plant a tree or cultivate a garden. You should teach your kids that trees and other plants are vital part of the ecosystem. Plants help clean the air, prevent soil erosion and put off flooding. If there are planting events, ask your kid to join the activity. If you have a spacious backyard, gardening can increase the kid’s consciousness to the environment.

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