Quick Getaway Ideas

If you want to have a good time, there are many things that you can engage to. If in this case you simply want to enjoy the beach and explore the islands, you should head to:

Sentosa Island


Sentosa offers your every whim from beaches to hotels, spas, bards, clubs, dining, theme parks, water activities, heritage spots and other attractions. The island is 15 minutes away from the centre which makes it an ideal quick getaway idea. If you take the Sentosa Express, you should prepare S$4. Sentosa Boardwalk will require you to pay S$1 while Cable cars cost S$15 to S$26. Here, you will see the Skyline Luge, Wave House, Resorts World, Harbourfront Centre, VivoCity, Mt. Faber, St. James Power Station and many other attractions.

Sisters’ Island


Sisters’ Island is south of the main island. It is comprised of two islands-Big Sisters’ and Little Sister’s. The island is open all the time. Admission fee for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island promotes different activities like picnic, camping and snorkelling. For inquiries, you can ask the Marine South Pier.

Kusu Island


Kusu Island is fondly known as the Tortoise Island. The island is open all the time but know that overnight stays are discouraged. The admission charge for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island boasts of important sacred sites. There’s a Chinese temple here and Malay sacred sites. Aside from the sacred sites, Kusu Island boasts of pristine beaches, animal life and lagoons.

If you want to experience it all, you can consider island hopping. Islands here in Singapore are keen to give you a good time. Every island boasts of different activities. All you have to do is make it happen. You can for instance consider snorkelling, camping, swimming, diving, sunbathing or bird watching. These simple activities will lead you closer to nature and the ease of life. For a moment, you can get away from all the complications around you.

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