Say Hello to the Sporty You!

Whoever said that being athletic or sporty is only limited to those who were gifted or born with it? It’s not as if being sporty entails being a professional at it. So why not do something new and develop your athletic side? Be bold and learn a new sport or simply enhance the one that you’ve already started before.


Still not convinced this feat is not worth your time or your effort? Well, take a look at these sports and why they can be a good addition to your current hobbies.


This sport is one which doesn’t cause too much strain on the body. It’s important to note this because some of us might have medical conditions that forbid us from entering any strenuous sport. Hence taking up swimming is something that’s just within our league. It’s also an essential life-saving skill. Thus, you owe it to yourself to learn this basic skill. Of course we don’t hope to be in any water-related danger, but in case we ever find ourselves in one it’s absolutely beneficial if we know how to swim in order to save ourselves or even others.



You’ve got every reason to pursue this sport. Why? For one, it is simply a good workout. It burns extra calories to get rid of those unwanted love handles. It also lowers your risks of osteoporosis and heart disease as your bones, muscles and heart will receive the regular exercise it needs to stay in tip-top shape. And it keeps your mind sharp as you think of ways to win a match. It’s also a good sport to practice your social skills as you meet new people in the court


This doesn’t need any introduction at all. Everyone knows this sport. In fact, it’s embedded in our very nature to know how to run. But don’t underestimate this simple sport because it provides us with many health benefits. It’s a good cardio workout so it lowers our risk of heart disease. It’s also ideal for maintaining proper bone and muscle strength. It keeps us trim and it’s also a good stress-buster. Running is ideal for anyone and you don’t need to pay for any lessons to learn this sport.


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