Singapore Foods You Can’t Live Without

Basically, Singapore is truly blessed with delicious cuisines.  In addition, Singaporeans loves to eat. Even if how long the line is, for sure, they will wait until they are served with some delights in the country. Also, even if how far they travel around, they don’t mind as long as they can taste all of the enchanting recipes here.


Many Singaporeans who migrated from other countries still go back from its own hometown because of the fact that they miss not just the place but also their favorite foods. In the country, you can find yummy and appetizing chows in affordable eateries, elegant restaurant or even at fast food chains. On the other hand, nothing beats the food preparation at home. This is where the creation of the must-try recipes is made.

Chicken Rice

Typically, this dish is anywhere around the city. From food courts, small stalls, malls and even at the zoo, Chicken rice is sold. The national food in the country – oily rice topped with boiled chicken with vegetables chunks. This will not be completed without its dipping sauce. For its sauce, it is a combination of garlic, chili, soy sauce and ginger. You can play with these condiments to make your desired dipping sauce.

Carrot Cake

If you think, it’s the usual carrot cake that is full of carrot, it’s not. This cake has more radish than carrots.  Also, this can be found all over the food stalls in the country.


Chili Crab

This is another food that is well-liked and the most requested dish by many Singaporeans. Actually, there are many recipes that you can do for crabs but chili crab is extremely the best.


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