The Dire Effects of Oil Spill

A collision happened in the morning of July 2, 2013. The collision of the two vessels caused tonnes of fuel oil spill in the Southwest of Tanah Merah. The MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) of Singapore conveyed that the clean-up is doing well and that there are no further spilling from the Korean bunker, Oriental Pioneer and Bahamas vessel, Atlantic Hero. Shortly after the collision, clean-up crafts are deployed to contain the spill.


There are about eleven crafts deployed together with biodegradable oil dispersants. Helicopters and personnel responded to contain the spill. It was noted that as of 5pm, there were no significant sightings of oil in the water. It is fortunate that the accident was contained and that the operation of the port is not affected. But what will happen if the oil spill was not contained?

Aquatic life

Aquatic life is affected because if there is spill, fishes and other life forms in the ocean will be poisoned. Birds are affected too because they can be poisoned if they eat a poisoned fish. Aside from living forms, vegetation in the water is also affected. Coral reefs will die if it is not taken care of immediately.

Local industries

Local industries (like tourism) are distressed when there are oil spills because activities such as swimming, sailing and diving are restricted.

Fishing industries

The fishing industry also suffers because of the decrease of the number of fish. The decrease can be attributed to the poisoning. Fishing boats or vessels will find it hard to sail because the oil can damage the equipments and the vessel itself.

Health of the population

When people eat fishes that are poisoned, they will be poisoned too.

Oil spill is not a good thing. As much as possible it should be avoided but if there are accidents, fast action should take place to minimize the effects.

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