The Lazy Workout

5 Workout Tricks for Lazy Peeps

Whether you’re a busy person or just too lazy to work out, these quick workout tricks are perfect for you. All of these exercises can be effortlessly done while walking your way to the office, answering your phone, and even just by sitting at home while watching your favourite movie. So turn those flabs to abs with these seven body sculpting lazy workout moves.


  1. Quickie Bed Crunches

Yes, you can get some serious calorie-burning, fat-trimming, muscle-toning workout without getting off your soft and comfy bed. Doing crunches on a bed is even better than on a mat because you get the instability of the bed, forcing your core muscles to stabilize ; therefore burning more fats and calories every time.

  1. Heel Raises, Stomach Crunches, Butt Squeezes

These discreet exercises can be done pretty much everywhere without anyone noticing it, without using any equipment, and without spending money and time. Do heel raises while in an elevator or queuing in your favourite hawker stall, quick stomach crunches before getting out of the car, or butt squeezes while in a movie theatre with your lovey-dovey.

  1. Daily 100s

Daily 100s means 100 seconds or 100 repetitions of an exercise every day. When you’re having a couch potato moment at home, you may want to spare a minute or two for 100 jumping jacks, marches in place, or 100-second planking. This quick workout will keep you in a healthy mindset, which can help you make healthier decisions like choosing apples over chips or not snacking at all when you’re not hungry.


  1. Walk and Talk

Best friend is calling? For sure, it’s going to be another hour-long chitchat. Why not do the walk and talk? If you get a call and you know it’s going to be a long conversation, do any of these two things: March in place or go strolling outside. You may sound a little breathy on the phone, but you’re able to burn calories and slip in a quick workout that you normally could not.

  1. Eat a Grapefruit Everyday

Studies show that Singaporeans who consume half a grapefruit thrice a day before every meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds in three months. This could be because Vitamin C is said to help burn fat much faster while working out. Citrus is also a known fat-fighter, which has the ability to liquefy fat and therefore making it less likely to bloat you up.

Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on a gym membership. Though intense workouts give faster results, religiously doing these lazy workouts provide far better outcome than doing nothing at all.


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