Things You Need before Resigning

You keep thinking about abandoning your job because you do not find it interesting anymore. You are not alone because Singaporeans, at one point in their lives, feel that way too. When you feel this way, you only have two options – you look for another job or rediscover your passion. Whatever your decision, just make sure that it will make you happy.


If you think that the gloom you are feeling eats your inner core, it is time that you let go. However, before letting go, you need a lot of things to ensure your future. You do not want to be penniless or broke, right? You need to prepare few things before you hand in your resignation. Here are the things that you need:

  • Emergency fund: You should have money for “rainy days”. This is called emergency fund. Ideally, your emergency fund should be three to six months of your salary. This is to give you enough for abrupt or emergency things. Even if you are not planning to quit, you should have enough money to save you during “rainy days”. You will not touch this unless you are certain that it is really needed.
  • Buffer fund: While looking for new job, you need your buffer fund. Your buffer fund will take care of your living expenses. You do not want to live with nothing while hopping for one office to another. This is important because it will get you through everything until you find another job. If you do not have buffer funds, desperation will kick in. If you are in desperation, you will consider loans and debts. That will not help you.


  • Health insurance: You do not know when sickness will strike so it is better to be ready. Even if you are young, it pays if you have health insurance. Before you resign, you have to make sure that your health insurance is in place.
  • Your next job: Of course, it is better to have a job right away. Before you resign, make sure you have a place to transfer so your emergency or buffer funds will not be touched. If you are planning to start your own business, make sure that you already scouted clients.

There you go. If you can endure for a short time, endure it and make sure you have the things mentioned above before handing your resignation. Do not worry because there are a lot of interesting things to do here in Singapore. Whether you are seeking for new employment or doing business, there will always be something in store for you.

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