Tips to Keep the Children Listening

It is natural for parents to talk to their children but you should accept that your children sometimes do not listen. Making them listen is hard but if you do things right, it will be easier. As a parent, one way of disciplining the kids is talking to them and make sure that they listen. Remember that the way you talk to your kids will determine how your kids talk to other people. Here are some tips that you can consider when you talk to your kids and hopefully they would listen:


Eye to Eye Contact

If you want to talk to your kids about directions, it is imperative that you establish eye to eye contact first. You can squat to the level of your child’s eye and engage him/her to contact that way you can get their attention.

Proper Addressing

You should properly address the child. Do not use “you”. Use the name of the child. It is more personal and endearing when you use their name instead of “you”. Better yet you can use their pet name.


Talking Briefly

Kids tend not to listen if you have a full speech. Teens will only regard it as nagging. You should talk briefly. If possible use only one sentence. The longer you talk, the less interested your child will become. Talking too much is a mistake.

Keep it Simple

Do not complicate things. When you talk to your child, you should keep words simple and easily understandable. If you listen to kids while talking, you will notice that they only use one syllable words. If you see your kids with their disinterested look, it means you are not understood and that you took too much.

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