Top 4 Eco-Friendly Cars

Although everybody doesn’t have the same opinion on the harms caused by pollution, everybody has the same belief on the idea that less waste is always better. Help conserve clean air by using eco-friendly cars. These cars run on electricity, bio-diesel, ethanol and natural gas instead of the usual gas used by regular cars. But what are the available environment-friendly cars in the market? Let’s find out.

Toyota Prius

This car is a full hybrid mid-sized hatchback. It has been rated as among the cleanest cars sold in the market for the past five years. It is also the most popular name for high-efficiency automobiles, setting the standards of green cars year after year. And although there are already so many car models surpassed its energy efficiency, still, no other car balances dependability, drivability and efficiency so well.

Honda Civic Natural Gas

Civic natural gas runs on cleanest-burning fuel, and awarded as the Green Car of 2012 by LA Auto Show. This year’s units are upgraded to 240 miles on a tankful of compressed natural gas, which outshines most electric-powered vehicles.

Lexus CT200

Lexus CT200h is said to be the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact car. It’s powered by the newest Lexus hybrid technology that combines a high-powered electronic motor with an innovative compressed battery, refined energy management system and a 1.8-litre petrol engine that can run for 43mpg.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

This is one of the best quality hybrids available in the market. Drivers will be in awe with its unnoticeable shift from electric to gas. Fusion Hybrid owners love the savings they get on fuel and its 47 miles-per-gallon range. Added by its classy sleek appearance and smooth ride, Ford Fusion Hybrid is definitely one of the must-have hybrid cars.

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