What to Expect in Orchard Central Singapore

When you are in Singapore and you want to go shopping, include the Orchard Central as one of the places you will go to because aside from shopping, there are plenty of activities one can do in this mall. Orchard Central is Singapore’s tallest vertical mall having 12 floors and two basement floors, 12 glass elevators and a specialized escalator which takes customers from the street to the 4th floor of the building.


Orchard Central opened in 2009. From then until now this mall has served its customers services related to fashion, lifestyle, food and beverages, medical, pampering, home, gadgets and more services. When it comes to fashion, Orchard Central boasts their European style shopping, thus they have a lot of boutiques which are all managed by Europeans or caters European designs. Svolme, Nautica, Lady Xiang and Desigual are some shops here.

Aside from these European shops, Orchard Central also houses independent designers’ shop. These shops provide unique fashion pieces. Indie designers also provide a fair alternative to buyers and customers. Active lifestyle like gyms and places for working out are also available here in Orchard Central. Wakeboarding and wall climbing can all be done here. This mall is home to the tallest indoor climb through the Ferrata wall.


Yoga and Flight Simulations are also here. To satisfy your cravings and make your tummy happy, Orchard Central has different restaurants from first class to very affordable ones. If you are a fan of tonkatsu, Tonkichi Restaurant is just n the corner of Orchard Central, and it is always open to serve you kurobuta pork, hire katsu, yakubari and cheese kasane katsu.

If you are a lover of teas and chocolates, on the other hand, visit Jewel Artisan is the place for you. Indulge on hot chocolate and rich chocolate cakes in this restaurant. Just go around the mall and restaurant serving first-class tasting dishes are there. Orchard Central also responds to the need for total well being of its cutomers. In the mall are different spa and wellness centres, a roof garden and  medical centres.



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